Recent Thoughts


According to this blog it is apparently still Christmas so today I felt the need to sit down and try to put into words the point I am at with the film. Most importantly I have edited it to down to 89 minutes. It feels very good and flows nicely and it is good to not have editing hanging over me.

Today I have been working on making a Blu-Ray, which has been quite aggravating at times, but will be done soon – I hope. Now everything just starts to feel like busy work and becomes somewhat headache inducing. Back in the very beginning of post-production, nearly two years ago, I decided to go ahead and put together a website for the film and I think that was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. I was able to get a portion of the busy work done and then head back to editing where I was able to feel more rewarded by the long hours.

The very end of making a film for me is the most stressful. Deciding on screenings, perfecting the final film, watching it as much as you can, starts to take a toll. But today as I was previewing the Blu-Ray I was startled by how good it looked. I was using a computer, other than my own, with higher resolution, but I have spent this past week doing all the final upgrades and what not to get the Blu-Ray ready and so it truly has reached its final form. I have step back a little from all the business and realize how special it is that I was able to make this film. I am pretty proud of it.

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