Christmas and the Nutcracker

Pete Walker and Melissa Anduiza

I have been so swamped with Christmas that I have not been finishing up editing. I am at that very last step where I have to decide to stop finessing and admit to being finished. That can be hard. Instead I found some awesome pictures of the dancers in the Nutcracker. I was hoping to find photos of them dancing the same roles. This is as close as I can get:  photos of Traci and Melissa as Arabian and photos of Traci and Alex as Sugar Plum! I think all of these pictures are so beautiful I can’t even choose, which one I like the best.

All the photos are by Christopher Record Photography (here is a link to his Facebook as well) and can be found at these locations: Traci as Arabian, Melissa as ArabianAlessandra as Sugar Plum Fairy, and Traci as Sugar Plum Fairy.

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