Super 8 Teaser

There is something magical that happens when you watch a dancer perform; being in the moment together in a theatre allows a connection that is hard to reproduce with a camera. My solution was to shoot dance sequences of each dancer, using Super 8 film, outside of both the stage and the studio. By creating these sequences I hope that viewers will be able to connect with the core of each dancer through a cinematic medium. When filming we didn’t plan out any special choreography, the dancers just did what came to them in the moment. Therefore, it is their own movement and inspiration, and hopefully, as you watch it you will see their individuality and allure as dancers.

I chose to shoot on handheld Super 8 because I liked the juxtaposition of using an imperfect medium to shoot those who have spent their lives trying to achieve perfection. I used both reversal and negative film, thus some of the shots are extremely contrast-y while others are more evenly exposed. In the final film each dancer will have their own sequence, but in this teaser I chose to show a few images of all three. I may use the combined images at the end of the documentary as well, but I am still working out the ending of the film in my head and have a few different ideas. We’ll see what works.

The music is from my master’s thesis film, Swan Quarter (2003), and I chose to re-purpose it for the teaser because I think it is very beautiful and I don’t have music for the film yet, so I needed something I had on hand. Enjoy this Super 8 teaser!

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