Melissa and the Tutus

This past Saturday I went down to Charlotte to shoot the final interview. It was one of those days were everything seems to be going wrong: Melissa’s car battery died, I couldn’t find the GPS at 6:30 in the morning, and it was pouring down rain. Luckily, it was all worth it when we walked into the costume shop to find stacks of tutus everywhere. It felt like walking into a dreamland. How amazing it must be to unpack all those magnificent costumes. Not quite as amazing as getting to actually wear one, but a close second.  Well, maybe not too close. Melissa has been cast as the Lilac Fairy and she is very excited. It will be amazing to see her dance such a famous role and I believe she will really be able to make it her own. It was also the first time she saw her tutu (she is getting fitted for it sometime this week) and we made sure to position behind her so that it would be in the background of her close-up.

Having to cart around, in the pouring rain, all the equipment needed to shoot an interview did make me feel relieved to be shooting the last one. It is so much easier to grab one tripod and one camera and head out for a shoot. Once you start doubling everything and it is just you setting everything up, it becomes that much more worrisome. Luckily, the cameras have only been used by me these last few months so all of the settings have stayed as I programmed them, which helps immensely.

It has been almost a year now that I have been in production for this documentary and what I have left to shoot will barely fill the hour long tape. It seems as though this moment would never come and while I am relieved to not have to drive to Charlotte at a moments notice; it is also a little bittersweet. It has been quite spectacular to be allowed into such a special world and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course, it is not over yet, not by a long shot, but as I move into post-production everything will be different. I look forward to the new phase of production as much as I am savoring the last.

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