This Week


It has been rainy and foggy in Greensboro these days so I have been spending a lot of time inside. I have been doing very technical things like preparing interviews to be transcribed and organizing hard drives. Though it sounds boring it is hopefully the perfect way to ease me into an editing schedule.  Of course this is the first time I will be scheduling editing around my two-year old daughter’s schedule so we’ll see how it goes. I’m thinking I will be doing some late night editing sort of like college/grad school.

Making a film is its own balancing act and it is interesting to now add family into the mix. I wonder how my approach to editing will change, usually I just immerse myself into the footage and just start moving things around and see how they look and feel together. Within this process I am attached to the computer for hours on end, sometimes even forgetting to eat something. Now, I am planning on writing a more extensive paper edit than normal. I feel that I can work on this in bits and pieces throughout the day. Kind of like how I have been approaching the crossword puzzle for the past few weeks. I start it while eating cereal with my daughter and then sneak in 10-15 minute breaks to focus on it throughout the day. Each time I return to it after an hour or so away I have these moments of clarity where I solve multiple answers very quickly. I’m hoping this will apply as I work out the structure of the film and organize the interviews into actual storylines. The plan is to begin the paper edit this week. Exciting.

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