Final Interview


I have finally reached the end of production. Next week I will conduct Melissa’s final interview and then I will be ready to begin editing. For the past year I have been lugging cameras and various equipment back and forth to Charlotte and it seems unbelievable that it will all be ending soon. For the first couple months I had an intern to help me, but since then I have been doing it by myself. My goal (or resolution?) is to be happily editing by the end of the month. At this point I have everything captured, but need to transcribe the last three interviews (plus Melissa’s when I am finished with it). So I believe the end of January is a viable time frame.

This week I also received the Super 8 film from the transfer facility, but my drive was empty! I used to work in a post-production house so I understand how things such as this inevitably happen so I am not angry or anything, just a little frustrating. The funny thing is I have had a problem with this film on every leg of its journey. I hope that it has been worth it. I will let you know when I see the film, hopefully at the end of this week.

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