On Wednesday I traveled down to the studios to shoot Alessandra dancing the Sugar Plum Fairy. There was a little confusion about when they would be rehearsing so I ended up arriving early, which meant I was able to catch a rehearsal of “Snow.” This is probably my favorite part of the Nutcracker and was very excited to see it. I thought it looked great. The neat thing about the Nutcracker is getting to see all the students dancing. It must be so exciting for the students to get to dance among the professional dancers. I especially love the still above with Alessandra dancing in class with a student behind her. Dance is so much about handing down knowledge and experience from one generation to the next.

Usually when I am setting up to shoot I get a few minutes of people hanging out talking to each other and it gives me the time I need to set my white balance, focus, and all that technical stuff. Because the company is so busy with Nutcracker things move very quickly. Alessandra had barely told me she was about to start Sugar Plum rehearsal when the music started. I’m not sure I was even at the camera yet! I’m a little bit nervous that I didn’t get everything I wanted and haven’t been able to look at the tape yet. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the Nutcracker makes it into the final film.

Today I returned to Charlotte to do Traci’s third interview. It’s supposed to be her final interview, but I had some sound problems with her second interview so we are going to do a re-shoot of that next week. For some reason I have had sound challenges with all of her interviews. During her first interview it started raining, which looks great visually but caused some slight sound problems. The her second interview my microphone was acting possessed and worked some of the times and not other times. For this interview we wanted to shoot in the upstairs hall of the lobby because there are some nice sculptures hanging from the ceiling that I was planning on getting in the shot. Of course, there were multitudes of mechanical sounds going on all around us so we had to move. In this instance the sound problem led to bigger and better things because we were able to shoot in the costume shop where it was nice, quiet, and visually stimulating. It felt like a good shoot and I am much more excited to watch that footage. Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself by typing that…

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